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Serving the San Diego Area
Serving the San Diego Area


Skillful Contractor Strengthens Homes and Businesses with Concrete Underpinning in San Diego

Concrete Piers
Velarde Builders Inc. in San Diego offers expert underpinning for your home. This procedure fixes a faulty foundation if you have a sinkhole. It also strengthens your structure if you want to increase its depth to add to your building. How do you know if you need an underpinning contractor? You may visibly notice the sinkhole or see large cracks of one-quarter inch or greater. This service will re-level your home and keep it from getting worse.

Choosing the Correct Method for Repairing Structural Damage

Depending on the type of building and structural damage, there are many different options for foundation repair:
  • Mass pour – Sections of soil around the basement of your home are excavated, then concrete is poured in to stabilize the house. This may be repeated, digging deeper each time. It is probably the most commonly used method to fix your home.
  • Screw piles and brackets – If other methods are not possible due to certain conditions, screw piles can be installed to the side of your home. Then, a hydraulic jack can move the foundation into place.
  • Piled raft – This method is good when the soil is hard and the whole structure requires repair. Piles are used inside the structure so no external access is necessary. Reinforced needle beams are placed to bear the wall’s load, and then a ring beam links all needles before concrete is poured.
  • Pile and beam – This is an eco-friendly method of reinforcement when access is restricted. Mini-piled underpinning is beneficial when the ground conditions are more variable.

Fixing Houses in Carlsbad, Poway and the San Diego Area

Schedule your appointment with Velarde Builders Inc. at 619-735-0203 for service in San Diego, Carlsbad and Poway. When you need an underpin job or sink hole repair, contact our experts with ten years of experience.

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