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Serving the San Diego Area
Serving the San Diego Area

Stamped Concrete

Our Stamped Concrete Services in Chula Vista, CA

Stamped Concrete Services in Chula Vista, CA
Concrete is a durable building material for driveways, floors and patios; it is also inexpensive and easy to install. However, it can seem rather dull or bland without any personality. When you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home’s interior or exterior, stamped concrete is an affordable method. If you live in the San Diego area, discuss your needs with a contractor from Velarde Builders Inc. to appreciate how much style and class concrete stamping can bring to your space.
Stamped concrete patterns are designs that are impressed into your concrete as it is being laid on your patio, driveway or floor. It resembles tile, stone or brick with grout lines, depending on which pattern you choose. Add dye to the cement before it is installed to transform the color and provide a stunning effect that you can’t obtain with other materials. Once it is sealed with a protective coating, your floor or patio needs minimal maintenance to keep it looking great.

Get Stylish Cement Floors With Tile, Stone and Brick Patterns

Stamped cement is appropriate everywhere you would have plain concrete. It adds dimension to your design without the added expense of extra tile or brick and provides a beautiful surface that lasts for years. Here are just a few places where you can utilize the effect to add style to the interior or exterior of your home:
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Borders
  • Wall caps
  • Fire pits
  • Fireplaces

Also Serving Carlsbad and Poway

If you live in San Diego, Carlsbad or Poway, contact the stamped concrete contractors of Velarde Builders Inc. at 619-735-0203 for concrete staining and decorations to make your home stand out. With stamped cement, your dull and bland slab will look like a masterpiece.

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