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Serving the San Diego Area
Serving the San Diego Area

Residential Stucco Plastering

Residential Stucco Plastering in San Diego, CA

Residential stucco
If you would like to add a bit of aesthetic flair to your Chula Vista, CA, or San Diego, CA, home, you can never go wrong with Velarde Builders, Inc.’s residential stucco plastering. Our trained professionals will come to your home and expertly apply the stucco you desire efficiently and correctly.
When you work with our staff, you can be ensured that your stucco will be properly installed to last. After we’re done with our work, your California home will be able to enjoy its new stucco finish for years to come.

Quality and Affordable Stucco

While there are a few ways to fake the look of true stucco, none of them are as strong or reliable as the real thing. True concrete stucco is made of layers of materials that are systematically applied to achieve the greatest results.
For example, paint can create the temporary appearance of stucco, but this method will only last two or three years at most and likely require constant maintenance to look good. Our residential stucco plastering is attached to your home with a wire mesh that creates a strong adherence and stability for the stucco. Once dry, the exterior finish will resist weather damage while still allowing the concrete on your home to breathe.
Because we are experts at our craft, we can perform our residential stucco plastering quickly and efficiently, and then pass the savings on to you. We value your time and money, so we will never waste it on any unnecessary costs or expenses.

Strong and Lasting Results

If you’re thinking of buying stucco for your home, consider this as well: once we are done with our residential stucco plastering on your Chula Vista, CA, or San Diego, CA, home, you will hardly have to ever perform maintenance work on it.
We can integrate your desired color throughout the stucco so that even after a bit of weathering, your home’s exterior will still look amazing. Any minor wear and tear to the outer edges of the work will appear as nothing more than authentic detailing.
For more information about our residential stucco plastering, call us at 619-735-0203. You can also take a look at some of our previous indoor and outdoor home projects by viewing our online gallery.
When you want professional stucco for your home, choose Velarde Builders, Inc.

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