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Serving the San Diego Area
Serving the San Diego Area

How to Tell If You Need Foundation Repair

How to Tell If You Need Foundation Repair

foundation repair
Velarde Builders Inc. offers clients the best remodeling, construction and concrete services available in San Diego. We focus on helping homeowners maximize the resale value of their house and make dreams come true with amazing renovations. We also provide contractor and repair services for common home issues. One such problem is damage to the foundation, and although it is serious, few homeowners know what signs to look for. We can help you identify concerns and provide lasting solutions.

Signs of Structural Damage

If you want to keep your home in great condition, you should stay on the lookout for indications of foundation problems. The following are some of the most common signs:
  • Sloped floors
  • Gaps between ceiling, floor and wall
  • Cracking floors
  • Rotating walls
  • Molding displacement
  • Walls bowing
There are plenty of other signs of foundation problems, but if you begin to suspect that you see settling, it is time to call in help from a professional. Foundation settling causes worsening damage to your home the longer it goes untreated, so if you want to preserve your house’s structure, you should get in touch with a contractor to fix it immediately.

We Have Effective Resolutions for Durable Foundations in San Diego

The foundation of your home may very well be the most important part. It supports the rest of your structure, so when it needs repair, Velarde Builders Inc. can provide a contractor for home foundation repair and renovations for kitchen remodeling trends. Homeowners in San Diego, Carlsbad and Poway should call 619-735-0203 to learn more about our various home improvement services.

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