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Serving the San Diego Area
Serving the San Diego Area

Framing Services

eliable Framing Services in Chula Vista, CA, and San Diego, CA

Framing Services
Building your home from the ground up? Starting a new construction project on your commercial property? Whatever your task, you need qualified and reliable framing services to get started. Contact the team at Velarde Builders, Inc. to give you exactly what you need.
We’re available to help you if you live or are building in Chula Vista, CA, or San Diego, CA. We can also assist you if your build is in another city within the surrounding areas.

How You Can Benefit From Professional Framing Services

When you construct a new home or building, you want the framing to support and uphold your house, office, apartment complex, or similar property type. Do you want timber framing for your property? This framing type is strong and is resistant to earthquakes, heavy rain and snowfall, and wind uplift.
Timber framing also allows you to infill the spaces with other construction materials like masonry. Additionally, timber framing is easy to use during construction and is more economical if the material is produced from a local saw mill.
Would you prefer steel framing for your larger, taller building? Steel is lighter and stronger than wood and allows for quicker turnaround times during construction. Steel beams used for framing are also usually pre-crafted to a set design or shape so that contractors and engineers only have to place them together during the build.
And because steel is recyclable and durable, you can save money and rest assured that, when properly constructed, your building’s framing will help your property stand tall.

Why You Can Trust Velarde Builders, Inc.

We’ve provided professional services, including framing services, to residents and builders throughout Chula Vista, CA, and San Diego, CA. We’ve maintained an A- rating with the BBB and are EPA certified for your benefit.
Call us at 619-735-0203 to learn more about our framing services or to request a quote. You can also use the form on the right-hand side of the page to get in touch.

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